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ProdPad Workflow Integrations

Your Perfect Product Management Workflow with Unlimited Integrations

ProdPad keeps your entire team happy as it integrates with 1000+ apps used by product teams of all sizes around the world.

Development integrations

No matter how messy your backlog is… we’ve seen worse. ProdPad removes the chaos to delight teams with a ridiculously simple workflow.

We’ve worked out the edge cases and are 100% confident ProdPad will fit your team like a hand in a glove. With two-way status syncing, everyone can see the status of an idea as it moves through ProdPad. And when it’s ready, push it to development with one click.

Feedback integrations

Get feedback, from both customers and your team, coming in thick and fast with ProdPad’s feedback integrations. Collect customer feedback at the click of a button by integrating popular tools such as Uservoice and many more. And make it easier for teams to share ideas with integrations that don’t involve them having to sign in to ProdPad.

Collaboration integrations

Don’t let great ideas go missing in your conversation threads. Capture them all. Our game-changing Slack integration makes it easy to quickly share your idea, get immediate feedback, and then push it to ProdPad. When it’s this easy to develop ideas, nobody’s ever too busy to share their thoughts.

Security integrations

Manage teams and permissions to let people do what they do best without hassle. Give teams the keys to get stuck in using ProdPad without them needing to remember usernames and passwords. Set up teams and provision access rights with ease by enabling SSO so that you can onboard your entire company right away.

Got something fancy in mind?

Not a problem. ProdPad’s API connects with hundreds of 3rd-party apps using custom webhooks. Plus, you can connect ProdPad with Zapier to set up your own custom workflow. So whatever you’re trying to achieve – there’s a way.

Start roadmapping the right way

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