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Uncover what really matters to your customers

Put customer feedback where it belongs: at the center of your product decisions

Bring the voice of your customer into product decisions

Use the customer feedback you’re collecting across your business to build the case for product ideas. Linking feedback to an idea makes it easy for you and your team to refer back to customer comments as you develop it further.

Close the feedback loop

We make it easy for you to create a list of customers that you can contact for further user testing and interviews and follow up with when you’ve launched a feature they wanted.

Collect feedback instantly

Start collecting in-app feedback in minutes with our lightweight widget. It’s 100% customizable and pairs up with nicely with our Customer Feedback Portal.

Integrate across customer-facing channels

Valuable feedback can come from leads and customers alike. Our integrations enable you to pull in feedback from customer service platforms like Intercom and Zendesk as well as sales platforms, including Salesforce and Pipedrive.

Customer Feedback helps you boost Ideas

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