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Feedback Management

Tie Feedback to Ideas for Better Products

Pull in customer feedback and link it with ideas so that every customer is heard.  Manage all insights, segmentation, and integrations from one place to keep solving the right problems for your customers.

Customer Feedback view in ProdPad
Customer Feedback in ProdPad

Connect feedback to ideas

Spotting opportunities has never been so simple. Collect customer feedback with forms, integrations, or your Feedback Idea Dropbox to link with ideas and build well-rounded products that have taken all feedback into account. 

Close the user feedback loop

Segment customers

Create a list of customers and manage them with ease. Contact for user testing, interviews, or follow-up and close the feedback loop with a feature that they’ve been waiting for. 

User feedback portal

Branded feedback forms

Start collecting feedback in minutes with our in-app widget. It’s 100% customizable and pairs up nicely with our Customer Feedback Portal

Integrate with the tools you use

Integrate feedback across customer-facing channels

Valuable feedback can come from leads and customers alike. Our integrations pull in feedback from customer service platforms like Intercom and Zendesk – as well as sales platforms, including Salesforce and HubSpot.

Reward customers for their feedback
with outstanding products they’ll love.

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