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Lean Product Roadmaps

Craft Clear Product Roadmaps Focused on Outcomes

ProdPad created the Now-Next-Later lean product roadmap that’s fast-replacing timeline roadmaps around the globe! We made it to support your OKRs and measure success.

Product roadmap screenshot from ProdPad, product management software for Product Managers
A roadmap initiative

Drag & drop interface

Create lean roadmaps in minutes that give teams clarity, not anxiety! Act fast on feedback as you test and validate your new lean product roadmap – ensuring your strategy stays focused on outcomes, not output. This is how you bring the best products to market.

Now, next, later - an agile roadmap

Color-code initiatives

Make priorities clear and instantly understandable for teams with color-coded initiatives that can hold as much (or little) detail as you want. Stick to high-level details or feed in product ideas from your backlog as you build it out.

Internal transparency with a lean product roadmap

Set transparency controls 

Give access to specific team members so that they can follow roadmaps at every stage. Now they can see what you’re working towards and what’s the top priority. (No longer will you be asked “Hey, how’s the roadmap looking?” every ten minutes.)

Who sees your roadmap

Share roadmaps with wider teams

Publish multiple versions of your lean product roadmap and control visibility to protect sensitive information. Print a PDF version or keep it online using an embed code. You are the boss. Learn more about Roadmap Publishing.

Create your first Lean Roadmap today

You’ll never want to see a timeline roadmap again!

DWP ran workshops to find out what its product managers wanted and ProdPad quickly emerged as the roadmapping tool that would meet their needs – delivering a consistent format, communicating consistently to stakeholders, transparent, and easy to use.

Louise Coulson

Senior Product Manager | DWP Digital

Louise Coulson

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