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About Us

At ProdPad, our mission is to make you a confident product manager. We provide the best tools and resources to help you manage your products and your people. From that fuzzy little idea all the way to launch, we’re here to help you you push your best product forward.

Our Team

Janna Bastow

Janna Bastow - Co-founder & CEO

Simon Cast

Simon Cast - Co-founder & CTIO

Liz Love

Liz Love - Chief Commercial Officer

Danielle Vautier

Danielle Vautier - Chief of Staff

Will Newmarch

Will Newmarch - Head of Development

Tomaž Štrukelj

Tomaž Štrukelj - DevOps

Wills Grigg

Wills Grigg - Senior Back-end Developer

George Francis

George Francis - UI Developer

Kirsty Kearney-Greig

Kirsty Kearney-Greig - Head of Product

Kavan Webb

Kavan Webb - Senior Product Designer

Adam Moore

Adam Moore - Associate Product Designer

Sam Peerless

Sam Peerless - Head of Support & QA

Ellie Harris

Ellie Harris - Product Support Specialist

Sharon Kalewski

Sharon Kalewski - Solution Consultant

Fleur Hosken

Fleur Hosken - Head of Marketing

Nic Newman

Nic Newman - Performance Marketing Manager

Maneesha Silva

Maneesha Silva - Marketing Executive

Lukasz Panek

Lukasz Panek - Finance Manager

Kate Knott

Kate Knott - Operations Director

Nikki Keramiotis

Nikki Keramiotis - Operations Administrator

Image of our roadmap on the side of a bus, for all to see

Our roadmap is public, for all to see