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Free Product Vision Template

Create a great product vision every time with this simple to use template. Use it to set your product strategy simply and clearly so every team member knows exactly what you’re building and why.

What are you waiting for? Create your product vision and get everyone on the same page.

Image: Free Product Vision Template

Create your own product vision

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is a
our product

Product Vision Example

For corporations

who wish to ensure their business is secure from uninvited visitors

the SmartLock

is a security system

that utilises the latest best practices in IoT development to allow premises access based on a mobile app.

Unlike other security systems which rely upon the provision of an access card or pass

our product allows staff and visitors to be given access via an app on their smartphone, allowing visitors to gain access in advance of their visit and reducing the issues associated with “lost passes”

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What is a product vision?

A product vision is the beating heart of your product strategy.

It’s the foundation of your roadmap and influences your daily decisions as a product team.

Why is a product vision important?

Your product vision keeps you and your team honest and aligned. It will steer every choice you make as you create your product, guiding your desired outcomes and helping you prioritize what’s important.

What makes a good product vision?

A good product vision captures important details about what you want your product to be. It includes details on your buyers and users, covers the value proposition and clearly links back to desired outcomes. In other words, it’s clear, specific and doesn’t lend itself to multiple interpretations.

When it’s done well, your product vision ensures that there is no ambiguity around your goals, and makes it possible to set clear objectives for your team. Do you want to hear more? Check out the articles below to learn how your product vision can make or break your product.

This vision template is originally from Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore, where it was introduced as an elevator pitch template.

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