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Product Portfolio Management

Craft a Winning Strategy for Every Product

Define what success looks like for your products to make better decisions aligned with your company vision. Jump into your portfolio at any time to make sure products are progressing in the right direction.

product portfolio in ProdPad
product portfolio management

Product Portfolio Management

Track progress of all products and product lines. And zoom in on roadmaps to spot problems/opportunities that need urgent attention. Now you have the visibility to make better strategic decisions and achieve objectives as a team.

Product objectives

Define strategic objectives

Get clearer on what success looks like for every product by setting goals, scope, and success criteria. Feed in the results of each initiative for every product roadmap so that teams can see what you’re working towards.

Product vision

See the full picture

Understand how products are supporting company growth. With your strategic canvas and roadmap, you can attend executive meetings knowing exactly where you stand on your big-picture strategy and short-term priorities.

Sharing documents with colleagues

Make key knowledge accessible

Keep product requirements, competitor analyses, spreadsheets, and all other critical research in your product portfolio – safe and easily accessible for all.

Get the clarity you need to achieve your vision of success

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