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Shape your strategic plan with our product portfolio management tools

Manage opportunities across your business

Coordinate strategic efforts across products

With your product portfolio, you can zoom out for a bird’s eye view of all your products and product lines*, as well as zoom in on a single product roadmap. Use this to track your overall progress and make product decisions around resource allocation, goal setting and coordination efforts among teams and departments. *Product lines available for Advanced and above

Define strategic goals for your business

Use your product portfolio to define what success looks like across your business. In ProdPad, you can set goals, scope and success criteria for each product. You can also share the results of each initiative on each product roadmap.

Be ready for executive meetings

Our product portfolio tools help you set the stage for growth at your company. With your strategic canvas and roadmap at your side, make the case for both your big picture strategy and your short-term priorities.

Make knowledge accessible to everyone

Don’t let important documents go missing! Easily store product requirements, competitor analyses, spreadsheets and all other critical research in your portfolio.

Roadmaps are an essential part of the product portfolio

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