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See how ProdPad clears the chaos from product management for good!

Join Janna Bastow, Co-Founder & product leader, in our overview video to learn how ProdPad helps you:

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“The first time I saw ProdPad, it just blew my mind how simple it was. Instinctively you know if something’s going to help.”

Mark Roke, Product Manager

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“Chef adopted ProdPad in late 2016 with the goal to improve transparency into what ideas to prioritize for the roadmap and why. Our field teams, like sales and customer success, tell us they greatly appreciate having a fuller understanding of everything under consideration. ProdPad has also provided a single place for those teams to submit product ideas and customer feedback for us to use in the prioritization process, and to see when they’re driven into engineering. Thanks so much for creating such a useful product. We are happy customers!”

Julian, Senior Product Manager

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“ProdPad has done wonders for our team. We are geographically scattered across the US – ProdPad keeps us organized and more efficient. We make better decisions with the insight ProdPad provides. It is is more than a tool, they have managed to create a global community with tools, resources, tips, and guidance from professionals across the spectrum.”

Nikkie, Product Manager for Innovation