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AI for Product Managers

Work better and faster, with AI in your corner

Use a product management tool packed full of AI goodness to save you time and super charge your productivity.

GPT3 powered product idea writer in ProdPad - AI for product managers

Do the work of 5 product managers

Automate the grunt work and free-up hours of time to do what matters most, with the first product management tool to give you AI powered help and analysis. Let ProdPad become an extension of your brain and a hardworking assistant to lessen the load and power-up what you’re able to achieve.

GPT product idea description generator in ProdPad product management software

Write-up ideas, user stories & more

The AI product roadmap initiative generator in ProdPad product management software

Build your roadmap & set your OKRs

The AI feedback tool that surfaces themes from your customer feedback, from ProdPad product management software

Surface the themes in your feedback

GPT powered product idea description writer tool from ProdPad - AI for product managers

GPT-powered description writer

Write up feature ideas in seconds

Go from the painful blank page to a fully-fleshed out feature idea canvas in seconds with our GPT-fueled Description Generator. Just enter a title and get a full description, an outline of the problem you are trying to solve, the value it would provide and target outcomes, in a matter of moments. Everything you need to explain the idea, get everyone on board, and get cracking. No more blank page pain.

Try it now, for free

Holy sh*t batman, this is a game changer ProdPad! 🤩 Loving this new feature and not starting from a blank sheet of paper. Extra impressive in that ours is quite a niche B2B product.

Chiara Gardner

Senior Product Manager | Gearset

Chiara Gardner
the GPT-powered AI user story generator in prodpad product management software


Create user stories in a flash

Save yet more time and write user stories for all your feature ideas with one click. Let our GPT-powered User Story Generator scan and understand whatever existing info you have on your idea and build out all the relevant user stories. Now you can rely on the AI to spot any user stories you might have missed and you’ll save hours that can now be better spent.

The AI product roadmap initiative generator in ProdPad product management software

AI roadmap initiative generator

Build your roadmap in moments

Let our AI suggest initiatives for your roadmap that align with your vision, answer your objectives, and help you hit your product goals. Whether you’re starting a new roadmap from scratch or planning what to work on now, next or later, our AI Assistant can help you kick-start your thinking with intelligent suggestions for the important problems to solve.


Effortlessly align to the product vision

With one click, get a full analysis of how each idea in your backlog compares to the overall product vision. Quickly understand why some ideas align and some don’t. Get intelligent suggestions to improve alignment so you can revamp the idea or feedback to the team.

The compare idea to product vision is a very pleasant surprise. I tried it for one of our ideas and the response was spot on. Even highlighted considerations around privacy! I’m very impressed.

Amay Tavanandi

Head of Engineering | Talent Analytics

Amay Tavanandi
key results GPT-powered AI generator from ProdPad product management software


Generate key results for all your product objectives

Make OKRs a breeze and automatically generate a series of key results for any product objective. If you know what broad objective you want to achieve, our GPT-powered AI will handle the detail and set intelligent goals and meaningful targets. Spend less time setting targets, and more time hitting them. Result.

AI for product managers tool in ProdPad that surfaces themes from your customer feedback

Feedback themes

Find the themes in your feedback, without lifting a finger

Save time wading through your feedback and let our powerful AI surface the themes and show you the opportunities. In seconds, get a bird’s eye view of all your user feedback and understand the common threads that matter most with our unique Signals tool. See at a glance where to focus your discovery and point your product planning.

an AI for product managers tool that does similarity matching in ProdPad

Similarity matching

Refine your backlog in half the time

Let your AI Assistant cut your backlog refinement time in half by automatically scanning your entire backlog and surfacing duplicate ideas. Whenever anyone adds a new feature idea, our powerful similarity matching will flag the duplicate and stop you getting in a mess.

ProdPad AI Assistant linking customer feedback to product ideas in your backlog - AI for product managers

Connect the dots

Automatically link your feedback to your ideas

Say goodbye to the grunt work and let our AI Assistant connect the dots for you. They’ll automatically suggest the ideas in your backlog that relate to every piece of user feedback so you can effortlessly stay organized and keep on top of everything you have coming in from your customers.

ProdPad's AI Assistant suggesting tags to organize your product backlog - AI for product managers

Automatic tagging

Get tag suggestions to bring order to your backlog

Save yourself and the team precious time and headaches with automatic, relevant tag suggestions whenever ideas or feedback are added or reviewed. Now you can be sure everyone gets better traction on their contributions and your job becomes much easier.

Pssst… want to take a peek under the hood?

ProdPad’s AI Assistant, DotBot uses both GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 to provide natural language processing, as well as our own in-house developed technology – this is a proprietary mix you’re not going to get elsewhere.

Our GPT-powered features help you write up your ideas and strategy faster, without the risk of your data being stored to feed ChatGPT. We offer a way to use GPT that has product management relevant prompts already in place and doesn’t carry the risk of feeding ChatGPT and revealing your secrets.

This cutting-edge technology means ProdPad can extract themes, find clusters, help you make connections in your data, and write reams of text that would take a seasoned (and well-caffeinated) product manager many hours. So check it out for yourself and see how much faster you could move.

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