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Customer Stories

Customer stories from people who love ProdPad

How our customers build better products with ProdPad

We work with product people to help them build products that customers love

Read our customer stories to learn more about the problems our customers were facing and how ProdPad helped them to bring order to the chaos that is product management.

Helping the UK’s biggest government department with their product strategy

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is the UK’s biggest government department, responsible for administering the State Pension and a range of benefits to around 20 million people. It has a great reputation for pushing the digital agenda forward and its product management practice is developing fast. 

Iris Education: Supporting Growth and consistency in a Mature Company

After buying lots of businesses in the last few years, the education division of Iris Software found it had a problem: a raft of products that weren’t easy to integrate and product teams that had different ways of working. It turned to ProdPad to bring these disparate aspects together and deliver transparency, simplicity and a consistent approach to product development.

Tillo uses ProdPad to gain better visibility and make smarter choices with Customer Feedback

ProdPad has given the team at Tillo more visibility. Prior to introducing ProdPad, everything went into Jira. Eddie says Jira is “a great tool but it’s not used by everybody and it’s not somewhere where you want to put loads of ideas which may never see the light of day.”

15Five tag and organize their customer feedback

One of 15Five’s core values is to keep things simple. “We believe that there is often a simpler way to doing almost anything,” says Priscilla Zorrilla, Customer Success Manager at the company. That belief is central to 15Five’s business: Their product helps managers manage their relationships with employees through surveys, 1-on-1s, peer recognition and feedback in a simple weekly check-in.

For City & Guilds, ProdPad is a game-changer for giving teams visibility of common goals

ProdPad has been a real game-changer for the way teams have visibility of a common goal. Development teams can see why we’re working on this thing, they’re not just locked in a darkened room working on some code, they really understand the value of that feature, who’s going to use it and the difference it will make.

ProductMaven kick off their accelerator program

ProductMaven is a product consultancy that swoops in to rescue struggling companies – both startups and Fortune 500 – and works with them to develop a healthy product culture. Their team of product leaders train business leaders to adopt a product mindset, develop an initial product strategy and even help them recruit their first product hire.

Allovue’s playbook for better UX

Allovue’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Becker, and Director of Product Management, Maggie Lubberts, were looking to streamline the work of their development, customer success and sales teams. Allovue’s software platform, Balance, integrates seamlessly with districts’ existing accounting systems and other data systems to help educators budget, manage, and evaluate spending, so Jason and Maggie needed to ensure that there were no blockages that could slow down their teams.

Everstring uses ProdPad to prioritize its product backlog

Ajay Dawar has an ongoing executive order at Everstring, where he serves as Global VP of Product. For Ajay, the challenge has always been getting all those people to agree on what the most important thing is to work on next.

But with ProdPad, Ajay has found a way to narrow hundreds of ideas down to a few high-impact decisions rather than lots of little inconsequential ones.

Transforming product culture at ClickTime

Besides making years of hidden product knowledge accessible to the entire company, ProdPad has brought customer feedback to the center of the company’s internal communications. Now, ClickTime is able to move faster than ever on new opportunities.

How ClearVision develops MVPs from fuzzy product ideas in ProdPad

Since 2005, ClearVision has also been leveraging its customer relationships to build up a new side of its business: new product development.

This “accelerator” division tasked with developing new products is the product arm is headed up by Technical Product Manager, Mark Roke.

The original guide to better product management

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