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ProdPad vs Jira Product Discovery

Better collaboration, easier communication and faster strategic decision making. Establish an organization-wide product culture and super charge your team to achieve more.

Why choose ProdPad?

ProdPad is the only complete product management platform focused on saving you time and getting you to impactful product decisions faster.
Only with ProdPad can you…

Gather more feedback

Effortlessly gather feedback and get deep AI analysis.

Connect your strategy

House your Vision, strategy and OKRs next to your roadmap.

Publish & share

Create tailored roadmaps for different audiences.

Collaborate further

A single source of truth for organization-wide collaboration.

Do more with AI

AI assistance and coaching to automate the grunt work and deliver more value.

ProdPad's AI-powered customer feedback analysis tool for product managers

Feedback analysis

Don’t just collect feedback – analyze it to fuel your thinking

It’s not enough to collect feedback, you need to uncover insights and use them in your decision making. Not only are there more ways to route feedback directly into ProdPad, as well as unlimited feedback portals and widgets, but ProdPad’s AI will generate succinct summaries, link feedback to relevant Ideas and then analyze everything to surface the themes. Go from a list of feedback, to strategic insights in half the time.

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ProdPad's Product Strategy Canvas to put your product vision next to your product roadmap


Where’s the why?

Keep your roadmap next to your product strategy to drive alignment and remind the team of the bigger picture. ProdPad’s unique Product Canvas provides a space to map out your Vision, value, strategy and more. Then let our AI Product Coach review every Idea in your backlog and give you constructive guidance to improve alignment and focus on your core objectives.

The OKR management tool in ProdPad product management software

OKR management

Know exactly how you’ll measure success

To stay truly outcome-focused you need to be clear on the needles you want to move and the results you need to see. ProdPad’s full OKR management system goes deeper, allowing you to set specific, measurable Key Results under each of your product objectives. Our AI can even generate key results for you, getting you from broad goals to exact targets in moments.

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A Now-next-later roadmap in ProdPad product management software, the home of the now-next-later


Lean roadmapping done right

Jira Product Discovery is a roadmapping tool built around the Now-Next-Later roadmap – a roadmap framework that we invented here at ProdPad! ProdPad is the right place to come for the best guidance and structure to properly work within the principles of lean roadmapping to stay outcome-focused and agile.

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A product roadmap card in ProdPad product management software with an Initiative and Idea hierarchy

roadmap hierarchy

Strategy planning, not project management

Jira Product Discovery uses a single-level roadmap item. But to be truly outcome-focused and customer-centric you need a hierarchy that enables you to prioritize a problem to be solved rather than a single Idea. Then you can group multiple Ideas beneath that problem, leaving you open to explore and test each one to find the best solution. ProdPad’s Initiative and Idea hierarchy will ensure you experiment, learn and iterate.

Customizable roadmap views in ProdPad product management software allowing you to publish and share roadmap views both internally and externally with your stakeholders


Effortless stakeholder comms

Spend less time creating presentations and fielding questions. Use ProdPad’s dynamic roadmap publishing to create unlimited customized views and share externally or even embed on your website. Now you can manage your central roadmap safe in the knowledge that your published versions will stay up-to-date and show your stakeholders exactly what they need to know.

Collaboration tools in ProdPad product management software so you can collaborate cross-functionally through integrations and enjoy a single source of truth


Power your product culture with a true collaboration hub

With ProdPad integrated with more of the tools your wider organization use, you can invite and capture discussion, ask for feedback and give people an easy outlet for their product ideas – all without needing to login to ProdPad. Enjoy a single source of truth with a central document repository, built-in specification documents, design tool integrations and more.

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AI for product managers in ProdPad product management software

AI Assistance

Not just a tool, but a team member

ProdPad comes with the most advanced AI tools of any product management software. With AI built in at every turn you’ll get help writing descriptions, specs and summaries, super charge your ideation and even get coached to greatness. The game has been changed. This is how you work smarter and faster.

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Jira integration

Need a tight sync with Jira Software?

We’ve got you covered. Connect ProdPad to Jira with one-click and enjoy a full sync, with bi-directional content and status updates, fully configurable to meet your needs. Then create different connections for different products or teams, each with unique mappings. A seamless flow that gives you a strategic space in ProdPad and your developers a decluttered backlog in Jira.

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Let’s dive deeper

Check out a full feature comparison of Jira Product Discovery vs ProdPad.

Jira Product DiscoveryProdPad
Now-Next-Later roadmap
Completed and candidate roadmap columns
View roadmap grouped by Product Objective
AI Roadmap Initiative and Idea generation
Porfolio management and roadmaps
Roadmap publishing and external sharing
Initiative > Ideas roadmap hierarchy
Product Strategy Canvas to map out vision, value and more
Central documentation repository
Full OKR management with AI KR generation
AI Product Coach
Idea Management
Idea management
Impact vs Effort prioritization chart
Customizable prioritization scales
Confidence rating mapped to prioritization chart
Unsorted and backlog lists for refinement/triaging
Idea Canvas to guide your ideation and discovery
AI Assistant to automate backlog refinement
Built-in product specs and document creation
Generative AI for idea descriptions and specs
Workflow management for pre-delivery planning – discovery & validation
Jira Software integration with 2 way sync
Feedback Management
Chrome extension for feedback capture
Customer feedback portals and widgets
Integrations with support systems and CRMs to pull in feedback
AI feedback theme analysis
AI feedback summarizer
Free, unlimited reviewers/contributors
Notifications via email
Comment discussion board integration with Slack, Teams, email
There’s more…
Customizable automation rules
Comprehensive API access


  • Where can I find out more about Jira Product Discovery vs ProdPad?

    Learn more about Jira Product Discovery vs ProdPad in our deeper dive here. You can also book a call with one of our product management experts who will be happy to walk you through ProdPad and show you how it compares. They can also answer any questions you might have and show you exactly how ProdPad can help you with your exact needs. Book a demo today and learn more.

  • If I already use Jira Software for delivery and sprint planning, is it easier to use Jira Product Discovery rather than ProdPad?

    No it is not! ProdPad has a deep and native integration with Jira Software which makes the flow of content, data and work between the two seamless. It is also fully configurable, so you can decide how you want to the data to flow – whether you want status to only update one way, but all content to sync bi-directionally, that’s no problem.

    The integration is also super easy to set up. You can connect ProdPad and Jira Software with one-click and have anyone with a Jira account make the initial connection and any further integrations you want to set up. They don’t need to be an Administrator on your Jira Software account.

    You can also set up different integration settings for different teams, different products, whatever different needs you have. For example, this means you can push Ideas from ProdPad to one development team working in Jira, but then push another Idea to a different development team’s Project who want their issues set up in a different way.

    The beauty of using a separate space for the Product strategy, ideation and discovery, rather than it all living within the Jira eco-system, means you have clear and definite clarity between what you are validating and exploring and what the development team have in their backlog ready to build.

  • Does Jira Product Discovery offer any AI Assistance to help us work better and faster?

    No. There is not a single AI feature within Jira Product Discovery, nor is it on their roadmap! On the other hand, ProdPad has the most advanced AI features of any other product management tool, significantly helping you power-up your productivity and improve everything you’re doing. You can find out more about ProdPad’s unique AI Assistant and AI Product Coach here.

    It’s been proven that the use of generative AI can boost performance by 40%. Imagine if you could do 40% more – think of the time you’d save to undertake discovery, speak to customers, measure and learn!

  • Which is best if I work in a larger organization with multiple products and product lines?

    ProdPad enables you to manage both product lines and entire product portfolios. You can set OKRs at the portfolio level and the product level, and you’ll have strategy canvas for each. You’ll also have roadmaps at each level allowing you to see a rolled up view of all the product roadmaps across the product line or portfolio in one single roadmap.

See the difference for yourself

Start a free trial, or book a personal demo and see how much easier your job will be with ProdPad’s powerful product management toolkit.