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Objectives and Key Results

If you can measure it, you can monitor it.
Objectives and Key Results provide the success metrics every product manager should be using.

ProdPad is the first product management software to have OKRs built in 

Linking OKRs to your roadmap ensures you can easily join the dots and spend time focusing on the right goals.

Simply track the progress of every initiative and idea to make sure it’s headed in the right direction.

It’s so easy to use, start collaborating and tracking your success in ProdPad.

A happy ProdPad dot who is excited their problems have been solved.

Focus on outcomes over outputs

Objectives and key results ensure the entire team is aligned around the same set of goals and outcomes.

Objectives reflect the qualitative improvements the team needs to aim for.

Key Results are more quantitative and help to measure the impact of the work that’s been completed.

Together, Objectives and Key Results help your team to focus on Outcomes over Outputs.

Learn more about OKRs.

You need a tool that can communicate direction

How do you create a Roadmap that’s smart? Simple. Build it around your company objectives.

Simplify your KPIs with a strategic approach to measuring success with OKRs. 

Now you have a clear way to communicate your strategy to everyone in the business with tangible metrics to back it up.

Two product managers pointing in different directions
A ProdPad Dot points to 3 OKRs, one is on track, one is behind, one is at risk.

Save time aligning your team by presenting your goals in an easy-to-understand format

OKRs saves you time so that you can focus on your goals.

Product managers use ProdPad to plan launches and keep their team focused.

Setting objectives in ProdPad makes it easy to hold your team accountable and keep them aligned to the company vision.

Boost your team’s performance with a collaborative, transparent and measurable objective-led way of working.

Objectives and Key Results – Available for everyone.

OKRs are one of the many awesome features you get right out of the box with a Performance or Enterprise ProdPad account.

But we know how important OKRs are to the success of every company, which is why we also offer them as an add-on to our Essential and Advanced plans for just $49 a month, making ProdPad one of the best investments your company can make.

See OKRs in action with a free ProdPad trial

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