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Objectives and Key Results

Stay Focused on Solving the Right Problems 

ProdPad is the first product management tool to have OKRs built-in. Now it’s easy to measure success to make sure objectives are improving your products, services, and company.

Provide total transparency by linking OKRs to roadmaps

It’s pretty much impossible to head in the wrong direction when you link OKRs to a roadmap. It takes seconds to do and provides clarity for your entire team.

Knowing what the priority is, and what success looks like for each initiative, keeps you out of the feature factory for good! (So throw away your key. You’re not going back there…)

A happy ProdPad dot who is excited their problems have been solved.

Focus on desired outcomes, not outputs

Objectives reflect the qualitative improvements your team is aiming for, whereas Key Results are more quantitative and help you measure the impact of what’s been completed.

Together, they align your entire team around the same set of outcomes to achieve. Now everyone is laser-focused on desired outcomes – not unnecessary outputs.

Learn more about OKRs.

Communicate direction & strategy with ease

No longer do you need to explain your strategy 10 times a week. With roadmaps built around company objectives, anyone can view them and see everything they need to know.

At a glance, anyone can jump in to view what you’re working towards, how you plan to achieve it and view the metrics that define success.

Two product managers pointing in different directions
A ProdPad Dot points to 3 OKRs, one is on track, one is behind, one is at risk.

Keep everyone on track with progress statuses

Boost your team’s performance and simplify launches with an objective-led way of working that keeps everyone accountable.

ProdPad has three grading statuses so that you can monitor the progress of your Key Results at any time. With a quick glance, you can see what’s On Track, Behind, and At Risk.

Use OKRs to achieve better outcomes together

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