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Objectives and Key Results (OKR) E-Course:
How to Build a Product Strategy in 5 Lessons

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Learn how to use objectives and key results

What you’ll learn from the course

As a Product Manager, setting and managing well-defined OKRs is one of the best ways to stay outcome focused and fully aligned to the overall company strategy. Once you’ve signed up for this 5 day course, you’ll receive a new lesson each day and be on your way to building a strong product strategy.

OKR e-course delivery timeline

In 5 lessons you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of OKRs, how they work with roadmaps and how they compare to KPIs
  • How to set OKRs, manage execution, and understand how often they should be reviewed
  • How to communicate OKRs, manage their visibility and create an OKRs Champion
  • How to manage OKRs in larger organisations, consider company and team level OKRs and best practice around measuring success
  • What makes a good OKR (and a bad one!) and how to avoid the common pitfalls
Janna Bastow

About the authors

Janna Bastow is co-founder and CEO of ProdPad, software that helps product managers plan and deliver better products. Janna has organized ProductTank events worldwide and is a founder of Mind The Product, a global community of product managers. She likes to inspire great product conversations by asking: “What problem are you trying to solve?”

Liz Love is our Chief Commercial Officer. Having worked in software development since 2001, including 10 years of experience in product management, Liz knows the day-to-day struggles of product managers all too well. She’s passionate about helping others to be successful in product management, whether that’s process improvement, mentoring, or helping with best practices.