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Manage your Ideas from Inception to Adoption

Focus on the right activities at the right time with ProdPad’s Workflow

Product management is about so much more than prioritizing the development backlog. Refine your agile backlog, make time for discovery and validation and measure success to avoid the dreaded feature factory.

A truly agile workflow, connecting the dots between strategy and execution

Take the right action at the right time by breaking the product backlog down into discovery, delivery and launch stages.

Focus your time on what’s important

See which Ideas are lagging behind and need attention to get through validation and closer to delivery. 

Combine with ProdPad’s sophisticated filtering to hone in on the value in your product backlog and BOOM, you’re spending your time more effectively.

Give your stakeholders a window into development

Connect to your existing tool stack with development integrations, and show progress on your lean roadmap. ProdPad becomes a centralized window into the entire product management process for your whole organization to easily access.

True transparency for your empowered, product-led company

Free Reviewer licenses mean that your colleagues can see exactly what’s happening to their customers’ Ideas and prepare effectively for their client interactions.

Standardize around the process that works for you

No more individually owned spreadsheets. Set up your workflow to reflect the standard processes you’ve worked so hard to define. ProdPad fits around the way you want to work – after all, there are lots of ways to build amazing products.