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Product Backlog Workflow

Turn Product Ideas Into Action

Simplify your backlog by breaking ideas down into three phases: discovery, delivery, and launch. Avoid the feature factory, focus on the right thing at the right time, and measure the success of your ideas.

Save time with your idea workflow

Focus on important tasks with the Idea Workflow

Use ProdPad’s preset filters – or create your own – to separate the ideas that need urgent attention, and which need more development.

Be effective with your time as you manage ideas through each stage: discovery, delivery, and launch.

Give stakeholders a window into development

Keep everyone in the know by connecting your existing tool stack with development integrations such as Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, and many more.

ProdPad becomes a centralized window into the entire product management process – providing easy access and clarity for your entire organization.

Connect with development
Image of a ProdPad roadmap initiative showing ideas at various workflow stages

True transparency for a better customer experience

Free Reviewer licenses show your team what’s happening with their customers’ ideas so that they can prepare for client interactions.

No more wondering whether key features are on the way, and fewer questions for product management to answer.

Standardize your process and make it stick

No more juggling private spreadsheets and ad-hoc processes for every product you build. Set up a workflow to demonstrate how YOU want to keep building products as a team.

ProdPad fits the way YOU work so that everyone can do what they do best, without losing their heads or stacks of time in the process.

Standardize a process

Use a proven workflow to turn ideas into products ASAP

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