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Idea Management

Extract the value in your Product Backlog

Gather product ideas and make sense of what you have. Collect, validate, prioritize, implement and measure, all from one place.

Manage your product backlog with the idea management tool from ProdPad product management software

Uncover the best product ideas to work on

The only idea management tool that actively helps you understand what’s in your backlog
and find the ideas that are worth your time.

Spot the valuable ideas

Win back hours wading through your backlog with powerful AI to surface the gems.

Nurture & develop them

Build out well-defined ideas with our step-by-step guidance and turn them into valid product specs.

Make them happen

Manage your process with a flexible workflow system that syncs with your development tools.

The backlog list in the Idea management tool in ProdPad product management software


Gather ideas from any audience with ease

Give everyone an outlet for their ideas and suggestions. Invite unlimited free contributors and encourage input from stakeholders, team members and even your customers. With a host of powerful integrations, it’s never been easier for people to submit their ideas – wherever they are.

The prioritization chart in the idea management tool of ProdPad product management software.


Prioritize to solve problems and bring value

Easily see which ideas are wanted by customers and which are getting the most love from the team. Show the business value with impact and effort scores. Then take a step back and view your entire idea backlog in our unique priority chart, making it super simple to make smart decisions.

The idea canvas for idea management in ProdPad product management software


Evolve each idea with the Idea Canvas

Validate your ideas with built-in questions and guidance to help you see if your idea has legs. Expand and enrich with a business case, customer feedback, user stories and designs, until you have a fully-formed product spec that’s ready to push to development and be brought to life.

 Become 10x more productive
by automating the grunt work

An idea management tool enriched with AI and built to save you hours of triaging.
Quickly see where the value is and manage your idea backlog in half the time. 

Surface themes

Speed up your ideation by uncovering the themes in your customer feedback.

Stop duplicate ideas

Say goodbye to triaging dupes with powerful similarity matching doing the work for you.

Capture all discussion, attach documents, designs, personas, specs and stories


Enjoy a single source of truth for each and every idea

Capture all discussion, attach documents, designs, personas, specs and stories. Link all the related customer feedback to help support your idea and evidence what you’re doing. Connect to your roadmap initiatives and product objectives so everyone gets the complete picture and understands the context.

Use our flexible workflow tools to progress each idea through your ideation process.


Turn ideas into action

Use our flexible workflow tools to progress each idea through your ideation process. Set whatever stages you need and sync with your development tools to keep up-to-date with progress from one central place. Save workflow views with detailed filters so everyone can find the update they need, whenever they need it.

Find out more about workflows

An idea management tool that fits perfectly into the way you work

With powerful two-way syncs and a wide range of integrations, you can pull in customer insights, gather ideas, share with the team and track the execution.

  • Jira


  • Azure DevOps

    Azure DevOps

  • GitHub


  • Trello


  • Pivotal Tracker

    Pivotal Tracker

  • Uservoice


  • Slack


  • Salesforce


  • Intercom


  • Confluence


  • Team Foundation Server

    Team Foundation Server

  • Zapier


  • Rally


  • SAML


  • Rest API

    Rest API

  • Google Apps

    Google Apps


  • Active Directory Federated Service

    Active Directory Federated Service

ProdPad gives us an opportunity to capture all the ideas in one place and share them internally with development teams, and externally to our customers. I think that visibility for development teams of not just the “what” we’re working on, but the “why” we’re working on it is really valuable.

Lorna Tyrtania

Senior Digital Product Manager | City & Guilds

Lorna Tyrtania

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