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Spot the best ideas in your product backlog

There are always ideas floating around – find the ones in your product backlog that matter to your business.

Organize your ideas in the product backlog
Build the business case in your product backlog

Build the business case for your ideas in your product backlog

ProdPad helps you pull in data from a variety of platforms to build support and evidence for ideas in your backlog. Store everything from customer feedback to user stories as you develop your ideas into viable product specs.

Discovering ideas and quick wins

Figure out what to work on next in your product backlog

Discover the most compelling ideas as your groom and manage your product backlog. Our Priority Chart shows you your backlog as “idea dots” on an impact vs. effort chart. The chart helps you find high impact ideas, identify problem areas and weigh up ideas against each other.

Discuss ideas in your backlog

Encourage internal discussions

Let your team help you validate ideas in your backlog. Invite unlimited reviewers to submit ideas, get involved in product discussions and even help you develop an idea into a complete product spec.

Streamline your backlog ideas and integrations

Work once, not twice

Push approved product ideas to development instantly. ProdPad integrates with most product development tools, including JIRA, Trello and PivotalTracker. You can choose which details to push to your dev team and continue to track the status of the idea in ProdPad.

Our Smart AI, DotBot, will cut your backlog in half

The first product management software to offer AI-powered automated analysis and insights, DotBot is powered by the same natural language processing AI that powers Facebook and Google. It’s serious technology that will change the way you manage your backlog, ideas and products.

Dotbot helping Product Managers
Ideas and roadmap

See your ideas in our Workflow

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