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Dot with a jigsaw fitting in the ProdPad piece

How ProdPad Fits

Putting product management software like ProdPad in a box is difficult. It’s a relatively new and evolving space, much like the product management function itself. 

Fortunately, we’re pioneers in this space (we invented the lean roadmap!) and have a long history of delivering much loved and high quality product management software. 

What makes this space so interesting is how it bridges so many verticals, so many team dynamics, and interplays with so many different product management practices. 

The way ProdPad works is so universal, because at its core, we believe in:

  • Prioritizing at the problem level, and tackling the most important challenges first.
  • Stating and checking assumptions before jumping to solutions.
  • Asking the best questions and creating spaces where expertise can be gathered to help answer those questions.
  • Transparent and inclusive processes that take context into consideration.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about these sort of working principles. To an individual, they sound like downright common sense, except that in reality, many organizations struggle to work to these principles without the right tools and processes in place to help shape their work. 

And because every organization is unique and includes a different mix of people and existing processes, we hear the question all the time: How does ProdPad fit with my company?

You can read more about why ProdPad is the leading product management software, but in this guide, we’re going to look at how ProdPad fits in your industry and with your ways of working as a team.

Your Processes

Other Teams

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