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Team Collaboration

Achieve Objectives Together

Include everyone in real-time discussions to achieve more as a team. ProdPad’s team collaboration tools make sure everyone’s voice is heard – while freeing them from tedious data conflicts and unwanted notifications.

Tap into your team’s knowledge with idea & feedback collection tools. 

It’s not the product manager’s job to know everything! So free yourself from the impossible burden with ProdPad’s Chrome extension and email dropboxes. Now it’s quick and easy for reviewers to make their voices heard. 

You have unlimited free reviewers so that you can keep ideas and feedback coming in, without juggling multiple team collaboration tools to manage it.

Customer feedback being sent to ProdPad via team collaboration tools like email, chrome extension and integrations
Sync up conversations from other collaboration tools like slack and email

Stop working in silos. Get everyone involved with real-time discussions that are easy to track.

Have the discussion once – not multiple times across multiple platforms! ProdPad’s discussions platform syncs with Slack and email to create one place to have important discussions.

Collect your team’s thoughts with contextual voting to make better decisions.

Stop leaving great ideas and feedback stuck in people’s heads. Gather everyone’s thoughts where they can be reviewed and refined to create better products.

Random votes, or votes without context, don’t help. So ProdPad makes it easy for teams to voice their opinions with a “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” with space to leave context. 

Team members voting on ideas and adding context to help with collaboration
A product manager resolving a data conflict, picking which version is correct

Achieve more without the fear of data conflicts and losing work.

No longer will well-meaning colleagues accidentally overwrite someone’s work. ProdPad alerts you whenever there’s a risk of a data conflict.

And should a data conflict slip ever through the net somehow… don’t worry. Roll back the changes if you need to. Your work is safe!

Get in YOUR zone by limiting distractions.

We all work differently. Everyone in your team can customize their settings, picking and choosing which notifications and emails they’d like to receive.

So create your zen space to get in the flow with minimal distractions or be kept in the thick of it with regular updates throughout the day. It’s up to you.

A team member choosing which notifications to see, when and how.

Make better products with collaboration tools that make everyone’s voices heard

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