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Capture product ideas where
they’re really happening

Use Slack to open up product discussions to the entire company

Why let perfectly good ideas sit in a corner by itself? Our powerful Slack integration gives you the power you to bring product discussions to your company without making anyone leave Slack. 

Send new ideas to your product backlog

Make it easy for your co-workers to send product ideas to the product backlog from Slack. Create a new product idea in ProdPad every time you share an idea in Slack with the right hashtag (#idea).

Monitor new ideas and customer feedback in Slack

How about instead of keeping your product backlog in a corner, publish each new idea in Slack instead? Give those ideas some face time. Create a Slack channel that updates with new ideas and customer feedback coming into ProdPad. This makes it easy for team members to monitor incoming ideas and jump in to comment.

Search the product backlog in Slack

Find the ideas you’re looking for in your backlog using a simple search in Slack.

Invite your entire company to join

Did we mention the Slack integration includes single sign-on? You can invite and onboard your entire team to ProdPad. With unlimited reviewers in ProdPad, you don’t have to be choosy.

Learn how to set up a Slack integration


"Instead of having to keep track of ideas coming in through email, direct messages, or random 'water cooler' conversations, we now add #idea to our new ideas in Slack. It’s become so much easier for the product team to manage input."

- Katie McCann, VP of Product & Engineering @ Prism Skylabs