Plan with ProdPad, push to JIRA. Combine strategy and execution into a ridiculously simple product management workflow.

Tired of trying to keep track of ideas in bloated spreadsheets and hacked up JIRA instances? Give yourself the power to define what your business really needs before you start building.

Use ProdPad to capture and validate product ideas from across your organization. When you’re ready, use our JIRA integration to push clear and fully approved product specs to your grateful dev team.

Prioritize your product backlog in ProdPad

Collect ideas in your product backlog in ProdPad, where you can link them to customer feedback, business objectives, user personas and other criteria to help you move ideas through the validation process.

For agile teams, this gives you an opportunity to prioritize your backlog based on goals and outcomes you’ve set at the product level. You can define themes and high-level priorities using our product roadmap tool.

Use ProdPad to gather requirements for product ideas, including user stories, personas, impact & effort and functional specs.

Develop and push product specs to JIRA

When an idea is ready for development, you can push to JIRA.

Custom Mapping

With custom and required fields, you choose the level of detail and context you want to send over to JIRA.

Two-way status syncing

Unlock internal transparency with two-way status syncing. Status syncing enables you – and everyone you work with – to track the status of an idea in ProdPad as it moves through each stage in JIRA.

Watch product ideas progress all the way to release. It’s the ultimate internal transparency, and you don’t have to lift a finger.