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Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Send ideas to ProdPad as you browse online via the ProdPad Chrome extension – no login necessary.

Our Chrome extension is here to make it easy for you to capture new ideas and customer feedback without having to switch tabs. How’s that for convenience?

Capture Ideas and Feedback from whatever page you’re browsing

Struck by inspiration but don’t have ProdPad open at the moment? No problem! Pop open the ProdPad Chrome Extension, and jot down your insight as either a new idea or feedback that you’ve heard from a customer. Done!

You can capture just the bare minimum, like a quick title or description to start, or you can choose to add more detail to the idea or feedback on the spot. Add details like the Product its related to, or the Persona, or add a few handy Tags so your and your team can find it easily in ProdPad later. You can even fill out things like the business case, with simple questions like ‘What problem are you trying to solve?’ so you all know why this idea is worth moving forward.

Adding an idea in the ProdPad Chrome Extension
Adding an idea in the ProdPad Chrome Extension

Set it and forget it

Your Chrome extension is always ready for you – no need to remember any passwords. You’ll be prompted just once for your login details while setting up, and then you’ll be able to capture insights from any page you’re browsing from then on.

Chrome Extension works with your multiple accounts

Got more than one ProdPad account? No problem! The Chrome Extension allows you to pick which account you’re saving your ideas or feedback to, so you can work seamlessly across teams or clients throughout your busy day.

Unlimited ideas, unlimited feedback, unlimited teams

No limits here! With ProdPad, you can invite your entire company to join you in submitting product ideas and customer feedback to the product backlog.

You can get ProdPad for Chrome at the Chrome Store.