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Improve your product discovery process by synchronizing ProdPad with Salesforce

Salesforce Feedback Integration

Tap into the collective knowledge of your sales team. Salespeople are busy, but ProdPad’s Salesforce feedback integration allows customer feedback to flow directly to the product team.

Make sure you know what your salespeople are hearing

Increase your understanding of what your sales team is learning from customers by automatically seeing feedback in ProdPad when it’s added to Salesforce after a customer interaction. Keep the sales team focused on selling; reduce the time they need to spend keeping the product team informed about market insights and opportunities.

Keep your customer contact details up to date

Align contacts and companies between Salesforce and ProdPad. Give the product team as many opportunities for product discovery as possible by ensuring they have the most up-to-date contact information for their important research activities.

Import Existing Feedback

Start spotting the biggest opportunities straight away by pulling historic data from Salesforce into ProdPad’s customer feedback module. Use ProdPad’s smart AI assistance to analyze feedback and identify themes for further investigation and use market insights to validate your product teams ideas.