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AI Assistance

Get Unbiased Product Improvement Ideas at Any Time

No more grunt work! DotBot AI keeps your backlog orderly, turns feedback into actionable insights, and is ready to answer your questions (as it knows even more about your customers than you).

Become 10x more productive by automating the grunt work

ProdPad is the first product management software to give you AI-powered automated analysis and insights.

So we gave it a name… DotBot!

DotBot uses the same natural language processing AI that powers Facebook and Google. This is serious technology that changes the way you manage your products (in the best way possible).

Let ProdPad's natural language processing identifies insights while your product managers talk to their users.

Similarity Matching ends duplicates and triages for good

DotBot scans your entire backlog of ideas and feedback and suggests matches when new entries are added. Not only that, it will spot duplicates and triage for you.

The amount of time and energy Similarity Matching saves you is staggering. You’re going to have much more energy to focus on your top priorities.

Theme Discovery gives you a bird’s eye view over your product backlog

DotBot analyzes your product backlog and groups ideas based on themes – making it easy for you to group feedback and prioritize what to focus on next.

Join the 1000’s of Product Managers using AI to filter through their backlog and identify recurring themes to discover product insights they never knew existed!

*Currently available as a Beta feature

Theme Discovery uses artificial intelligence to find themes in your customer feedback for you.
DotBot AI suggests tags to save time and prevent tag overload.

Tag Suggestion brings order to a chaotic backlog. Your team will thank you.

When adding or reviewing ideas or customer feedback, DotBot suggests relevant tags and streamlines the whole process.

Tag Suggestion will save time for your team and ensure they get better traction on their contributions.

Forget random made-up tags and throw out drop down fields or free text. Keep it simple — no more duplicates!

*Currently available as a Beta feature

Ask DotBot to tell you exactly what your customers want.

Goodbye to poring over piles and piles of feedback. Hello to unbiased product improvements in the blink of an eye.

DotBot reads and analyzes every piece of feedback your customers have ever provided. If you want to know how to improve your product, just ask DotBot.

*Currently available as a Beta feature

Ask DotBot a question and its nlp technology will search your customer feedback to find the answer.

Pssst… want to take a peek under the hood?

DotBot is powered by world-leading advanced language models (such as GPT3), which builds an advanced understanding of the language being used in your customer feedback. 

This cutting-edge technology means ProdPad can extract themes, find clusters and help you make connections in your data that would take a seasoned (and well-caffeinated) product manager many hours – something product managers are always short of.

DotBot uses GPT3 to provide natural language processing, as well as our own in-house developed technology – this is a proprietary mix you’re not going to get elsewhere.

You’ll be amazed at how well DotBot knows what your customers want, and the number of amazing product ideas you’ll have ready to action.

Cut your backlog in half and uncover new opportunities