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Give yourself the power of unlimited Zapier integrations

Make your dream product management workflow a reality with Zapier. Our Zapier integration enables you to connect and sync ProdPad with 1000 apps and tools, including development, project management, marketing and customer support.

No limits = unlimited workflows

Anything you set up through Zapier is a free integration.  Go nuts.

Intercom to ProdPad

Push suggestions, comments and other customer feedback from your Intercom chats to your product backlog using hashtag commands.

Twilio to ProdPad

Want to organize feedback via text? Push customer feedback via SMS to your product backlog.

Zendesk to ProdPad

Got customer comments coming into your support team? Push feedback from your helpdesk straight to your feedback log.

Salesforce to ProdPad

Got feedback from potential customers and leads? Push it from your CRM to your feedback log.