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Product Management Webinar: Feedback Loops

The Power of Feedback Loops

How can we harness the power of product feedback?

Catch up on our webinar with Ibrahim Bashir, Vice President, Product Management at Box and host Janna Bastow, CEO of ProdPad and inventor of the Now/Next/Later roadmap as they explore the importance of scaling and managing your product feedback.

Ibrahim Bashir Profile Image

About Ibrahim Bashir

Ibrahim Bashir is the VP of Product Management at Amplitude, and had previously built PM teams at Box (in the Platform business), at Twitter (in the Engineering org), and at Amazon (in the Kindle group). You can read more about his professional background here.

He previously served on the product leadership team at Box in 3 capacities. First, he led key pillars of the portfolio (developer platform, workflow products, admin experience, and core content). Second, he was the GM accountable for multiple revenue-generating add-on’s (Box Platform and Box Relay). And thirdly, he was responsible for their developer ecosystem (leveraged by customers and partners).

Key Takeaways

  • Setting up direct customer interactions that give you the highest leverage of information
  • How to get the most valuable input out of your customer base
  • How to set up a feedback loop that can be used by anyone in your team
  • The importance of scaling and managing your product feedback.
Best practice with adopting customer feedback

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