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Product Management Webinar: Product Strategy

Create your killer product strategy

What’s in a killer product strategy that sets it apart?

Learn how to craft your product strategy so that it aligns your stakeholders and motivates your team from real-world company examples.

About Ken Sandy

Ken’s a senior technology Product Management exec from the SF Bay Area including online education companies, MasterClass and (Linkedin Learning).

He pioneered the first Product Management course offered in the Engineering school at UC Berkeley, which has over 400 PM alumni practicing in industry, and recently released “The Influential Product Manager – How to Lead and Launch Successful Technology Products” a guide to navigating the challenging collaborative aspects of the product manager’s role.

Key take aways

  • Developing your product strategy doesn’t need to be time-consuming, complicated, or bogged down by organizational obstacles – here’s why. 
  • How to use three powerful frameworks—Strategic Pillars, the Kano method, and the KL-method—to define and articulate your strategy. 
  • Defining key themes and desired outcomes in a structured approach, which will empower you to prioritize the most important work for your team.

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