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The ‘Completed’ Column: Track Your Key Metrics On Completed Roadmap Cards

Your product roadmap isn’t just about looking out into the future. As you wrap up work on a roadmap card, you want to be able to communicate the results and outcomes of your work across your organization. Did you meet your objectives? Did you hit your numbers and key metrics?

For a data-driven company, this is how you keep your eye on the ball.  With our ‘Completed’ column, you can now make your key objectives, conclusions and completion dates available to everyone you work with.

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CSV Importer: Import Your Backlog To ProdPad In Minutes

Are you migrating to ProdPad? Our CSV importer is here to help you make Moving Day painless.

Whether you currently managing your backlog items in spreadsheets or project tools, you can migrate your existing product backlog to ProdPad with a CSV file and the click of a button.

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Product Portfolio Planning: Track All Your Products In One View

If you’re looking for a way to coordinate efforts across multiple teams working on multiple products, you’re in luck.

You can now group multiple products together and keep track of who’s working on what in a single view by using product lines.

Product lines help you easily see cross-dependencies and status of ideas and user stories. You can also filter by tags and objectives from here, so you can zoom in fast on the areas that matter to you.

It’s product portfolio planning with a lot less clicking.

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Why Every Product Manager Needs A Flux Capacitor

While we’re still waiting for hoverboards and self-drying jackets, we can still look at the Back To The Future trilogy and take away some lessons from Doc’s Brown time machine.

No, it’s not driving at 88MPH, but Doc’s flux capacitor (and somewhat interesting planning methods) has a few hidden life lessons for product managers.

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3 Amazing Zapier Integrations To Power Up Your Product Backlog

Want to push ideas in and out of your product backlog faster? Our new Zapier integration is here to eliminate your tedious admin work and organize your product dev process for you.

Now, instead of having to go back into your backlog to organize your ideas and customer feedback, Zapier will label and categorize them for you as they come in.

On the other hand when you’re pushing complete ideas and user stories over to your dev team, you can now choose when and select which integrations to push to. 

Excited to speed things up? Here’s what Zapier will do for you:

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Share Your Portfolio Roadmap!

Would you believe how many product teams are so heads down in their own work that they don’t know what anyone else is working on? Let’s end this today.

Sharing your roadmap has always been a core feature in ProdPad because we’ve always been pro-transparency when it comes to product planning. There’s really nothing to debate here – you should be sharing your product roadmaps internally, and sharing at least a high-level overview with your customers.

Everyone at your company needs to know what their colleagues are working on so they can coordinate their work across teams, and customers should always have an idea of what’s coming up next.

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Andrea Says: Connect Twilio to ProdPad

It’s no secret we love integrations around here – and what a cooler integration than to import feedback from an SMS! Here’s how you set up a zap to turn text messages into customer feedback that goes straight to ProdPad.  

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Andrea Says: Connect HipChat to ProdPad

We love integrations. And why wouldn’t we? After all, great ideas are everywhere, which is why we make it easier for you to submit them. If your team uses HipChat to communicate, you’re going to love our integration via Zapier.

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