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Video: Let’s Learn More About ProdPad’s Idea Backlog

June 18, 2020

1 minute read

ProdPad helps product teams manage and develop ideas so they know what needs to be built next. 

Our Idea Backlog functionality includes prioritization charts, idea triaging, and in-app conversations. Product managers can decide on the right stuff to build, before pushing specs over to their development team. This reduces risk, minimizes tech debt, and ensures that the right problems are always solved.

Watch our Idea Backlog tutorial

Who better to explain this feature than our CEO and Co-founder, Janna Bastow? Oh yes, after the success of our Objectives and Key Results tutorial we asked Janna to talk through our Idea Backlog, too. We hope you find it useful.

Book yourself in for a free demo with one of our product experts for more information. They’ll answer your questions and tell you how ProdPad can support your product strategy.

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