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Bridging The Gap With Our Confluence Plugin

June 11, 2020

2 minute read

We’re pleased to announce that our new plugin for teams working in Confluence is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Our Confluence plugin bridges the gap between product managers and other teams. This is done by linking ProdPad to the collaborative workspaces in Confluence.

Why do I need the Confluence plugin for ProdPad?

Communication and collaboration are key to building great products. A product manager must have a clear view on what other teams are working on. For example, they may have gathered feedback, made discoveries, or have suggestions that could help a product manager decide what to build next.

A product manager should be making their work visible, too. The development team needs to know what to work on next, the marketing team might want to start planning product launches, and the sales team might want to tease future releases. 

With these points in mind, here’s exactly what the plugin can do:

Share your product roadmap

Create and share multiple roadmap views for different stakeholders. Just embed them directly into Confluence for your different teams to see.

Gather feedback

Collect feedback from your internal teams directly from Confluence with a simple form or customized feedback portal.

Be transparent

Your Confluence teams can stay up to date with the problems you’re solving. This can be done without having to leave the Confluence workspace.

How does this Plugin work?

The Confluence integration is available for both Atlassian Cloud and Server (7.x and above). Once installed, it will become available under the macros section on any given page.

The confluence plugin will be available under the macro section.

In the macro options, you will be asked to enter the item’s UUID, which you can find in the relevant ProdPad embed slide-out.

Embed code which can be placed on any site or product.

Once published, the page will display the embedded item. As with all embeds, any updates that you make internally in your ProdPad account will reflect in real time, keeping your teams up to date without delay.

Why not sign up for a ProdPad demo? Our team of experts will be able to answer all your questions around our Confluence plugin. They’ll also be able to chat with you about ProdPad and other product management topics.



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