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Great News, Our Slack Integration Has Leveled Up

April 17, 2020

2 minute read

Today we’re excited to bring you the latest version of our Slack integration, four years after we launched our first Slack bot. It gives you more flexibility, and improves collaboration between the online chat tool and ProdPad.

You can now reply to threads in ProdPad directly from Slack, create messages through Slack actions, and even vote on ideas. 

Full breakdown of our Slack Integration

With more people working from home, teams need to be able to align with each other remotely, and so straightforward collaboration is vital. All users in your Slack workspace can get involved and communicate effectively between both platforms. This means all teams can remain engaged and stay up to date with ideas, feedback and conversations.

  • There are new commands.
  • There are new message actions on existing text in Slack. This means you can select an existing message and send it to ProdPad as either an idea or piece of feedback. Message actions and details are now available for all users.
search for our new slack integration
  • ProdPad URLs, showing detailed information, now display on Slack. This includes product name, tags, and personas for all ideas and feedback. This provides more detailed context on links pasted.
The Slack integrations show more detailed information.
  • There is functionality to reply directly to threads from Slack. This includes pasted ProdPad URLs. You are able to sync discussions directly to ProdPad.
  • Users can now be mentioned directly in threads to bring them into the conversation with auto-syncing.
The Slack integration lets you message people directly.
  • There is the option to turn on or off voting actions for ideas and feedback. This makes the app options more customizable.
  • Users can submit ideas and feedback on a per-product basis.
  • Users can send attachments to support ideas and feedback.
The Slack integration is much more customizable.

Why not sign up for a free trial and see for yourself?



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