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Own Team Transparency with Roadmap Publishing

May 22, 2020

3 minute read

At ProdPad we promote team alignment, collaboration, and transparency. So, it should be no surprise that the ability to publish roadmaps is a key function within our app.

With collaboration and transparency in mind, we recently revamped our roadmap publishing feature to give you greater flexibility. Product managers can now easily create customized roadmaps in ProdPad and share them anywhere. 

What’s new about roadmap publishing in ProdPad?

Create unlimited published roadmaps with views for various stakeholders and target audiences

We understand that not all the information on a roadmap is relevant to every target audience. You can now build different views as you need them. Whether you want to share your entire portfolio, product lines, or individual products, you can now choose exactly what you want to share.

Select what you want to show

Here’s a type of roadmap that could be used to keep customer-facing teams up to date. You can use ProdPad’s internal and public visibility settings to decide which initiatives can be shared.

A roadmap for your Sales and Marketing team.

Need something for your executive team? No worries, you can create that too. You can show top-level information to stakeholders, informing them how their investment is working, and that the business is moving in the right direction. Sharing your portfolio roadmap is perfect for this – it shows growth across multiple products at the same time.

A portfolio roadmap for your executive team

More display options, including card owners and impact & effort scoring

Not everyone needs to know the impact and effort of a card, or even the tags that may be linked for advanced filtering. But if you need to show this, you can.

Our multiple display options let you provide the right level of information to your target audience. For example, your executive board is probably just interested in high-level objectives and initiative information, whereas your development team might want to see ideas, impact and effort, and initiative leads.

A roadmap for the development team

Create, expire, and track published roadmaps across your account

With ProdPad, you can keep track of these multiple versions as you create them. If you need to update them at any time, you can do so with the click of a button – without needing to reshare links or embed codes.

All roadmaps can be published via ProdPad hosted links. Teams can post their roadmaps on branded company-hosted sites using an embed code so that additional information can be added. You can even place a published roadmap behind a private site. Similarly, if you need to securely expire the links, then account admins can now do so without any fuss.

Looking for a little more info?

There’s no limit on the number of roadmaps you can publish on our paid plans. That’s right, there are absolutely no limits when it comes to transparency and collaboration.

Book yourself in for a free demo with one of our product experts – they’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions and talk you through ProdPad.



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