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Empower your Customer Success Teams with Company Tracking

September 16, 2020

3 minute read

A key aspect of product management is understanding how to best work with other teams. The better communication you have with each other, the better communication you will have with your customers. The two-way relationship between the product and customer success team is an important one and needs to be operating like clockwork. Company tracking in ProdPad helps both teams to work together seamlessly.

“Product teams and customer success teams align around the voice of the customer. With good processes and communication in place, both teams can help each other work efficiently and effectively in their own roles. Whether that’s making sure you’re building the right things for customers or making sure your customers are set up for success.” Emma Hill, Customer Success Manager. 

ProdPad has introduced Company Profiles to help product and success teams work together. This handy feature allows data from companies to be grouped in one place. This paints a more holistic view of what specific organizations think and feel about your product. By clicking into a company profile, teams will immediately see all contacts in that group as well as all ideas and feedback related to that company.

This is what a company profile looks like in ProdPad

“Having Company Profiles in ProdPad makes it super easy to see and understand feedback from your customers. Grouping the feedback in one place lets you see the ideas connected to the feedback, and their progress. For example, is it in discovery, in development or ready for release? This is so important for communication with customers and keeping them updated on what’s happened as a result of their feedback.”

Emma Hill, Customer Success Manager.

Power up your customer intelligence

Building up a collection of company profiles allows your teams to gather important insights from your customer base. You might be able to draw conclusions and build hypotheses based on what particular companies in particular sectors are saying about your product. This level of intelligence is like gold dust to product teams, particularly in the discovery stages as they look ahead to their next cycle.

The basics of customer tracking

  • Name, location and logo help you identify the company quickly
  • Size and value help you identify the company’s potential for growth
Company details in ProdPad

For more detailed information, you can add a link to the company’s profile on your preferred CRM. This bridges the gap further between your product management and customer-facing software, creating that important company transparency we should all be striving for.

Segment by location

Segmenting by geographical location easily provides your team with some fascinating insights on product usage within specific regions or countries.

Segment your company profile by location.

Segment by company size and value

It’s always important to understand the revenue value of the companies you’re working with. Use this information to help identify any potential growth opportunities.

Segment by company size and value

Segment by tags

Tags help you organize companies based on your own, pre-planned criteria. Grouping customers and feedback by tags allows you to easily identify potential themes and problems that need solving. This approach is perfect for prioritizing ideas and making sure your work supports the wider strategy.

Segment your company profile in ProdPad by tags

Want to see more? Check out our Sandbox playground and have a play yourself. Fancy a chat with one of our product experts? Book yourself in for a free demo and we can go from there. 



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