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Collect customer feedback

Posted by Janna Bastow
March 4, 2013

User feedback module in ProdPad

Collect customer feedback and see how it relates to your ideas

Your product is the result of both internal and external feedback. ProdPad already does a great job at helping you to manage all of that internal feedback, and now we’re helping you manage what your users are asking for too!

Today, we’re happy to announce our new User Feedback module!

Collect User Feedback

Our latest module, for User Feedback, allows you to capture snippets of useful feedback from your users. You can add in as many user records as you need, and grab as many snippets of feedback from each as you can get.

Directly Link Customer Feedback to Ideas

Collect Customer Feedback - User Feedback on the Idea Canvas page

User Feedback on the Idea Canvas page

You can see how any piece of feedback relates to your ideas. Just type #123 (where 123 is the Idea ID), and it’ll link up directly.

Once you return to the idea page itself, you can then see all of the feedback that relates to that idea, and who said it.

We built this to help ourselves keep all of our fantastic user feedback organised. We hear a lot from our users, and it’s always so helpful! The User Feedback module has been hugely useful in keeping our own customer feedback organised, and we think it will help you and your product team too.

The User Feedback module is currently in Beta, and as usual, we’d love to get your feedback on it. Get in touch at, any time!

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March 9, 2013 3:24 am

Nice way. Thanks for sharing!