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Customer Feedback

Stop wasting time on things nobody wants

Focus your product strategy on what your customers really need
with our powerful user feedback tools

A branded customer feedback portal in ProdPad

Collect product feedback with two powerful tools

Start collecting ideas, feature requests, and suggestions from customers in minutes with a customized portal and in-app widget: your logo, your language, your branding.

Branded customer feedback portal

Branded customer portals

A central hub to collect general feedback – and to find out what customers want before you build it. Host the portal on your own site and make it your own, from logo to brand colors. With editable text, you can swap in the language your customers speak too.

In-app user feedback widget

Website and in-app widget

A quick, no-nonsense tool to get feedback from your customers while they’re on your website or using your product.

Let’s talk about opportunity cost

Would you rather spend time and money working on one customer or build a solution that scales across thousands of customers? Great product companies get to the heart of the problem and build solutions that work for many, not just one.

With the Customer Feedback Portal, you can talk to your customers and understand what you’re saying “yes” to. Then build with confidence.

Tracking customer feedback

Track feedback by user and company

Keep track of where feedback is coming from – including both individual and company – so you can see who is asking for what.

Impact and effort chart for customer feedback

Open up the Priority Chart to spot the product ideas that your customers want the most.

Ideas waiting for feedback

Float new product ideas

Turn to your customers for early validation – share up to 9 product ideas here to find out what they think.

Contacting customers for user feedback

Contact your customers to close the feedback loop

Deliver and follow up fast. Grab the list of customers who asked for the product idea in ProdPad and send them the good news!