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How ProdPad Fits In: Staying on Top of New Implementations

Posted by Janna Bastow
June 25, 2014

When done right, product management is probably the business function that integrates with more people and processes than any other. So it’s essential that a product management system fits into this complex intersection between customers, colleagues and technology. And without too much disruption.

This week, we take you through how ProdPad fits in when tracking delivery of new product ideas all the way through to implementation.

Product specs 100% dev-ready

Product and development backlogs are often treated as one and the same thing. But these have different requirements and are usually handled by different teams. When lumped together, either potential ideas are discarded or development systems become overrun with half-formed suggestions – depending on which team wins out.

New Implementations. Product specs can be completed in ProdPad.

Product specs can be completed in ProdPad, and when ready, sent to your development tool to be built

When using ProdPad for idea management, product managers can build up product specs that are 100% ready to be taken to developers, from business case to tech requirements. Integrations with project management tools mean that ideas ready for build can be pushed across with the click of a button, providing developers with links back to all data attached to the original product spec. By clearly delineating – while properly connecting – product and project management – every member of your team can do their job to the best possible degree.

Automatic progress updates

Be it a quick win for a specific customer or a new roadmap update, product managers often find themselves inundated with questions about product changes in progress. Keeping development tools for developers and directing the rest of your team to ProdPad for any product info they need is the best way to stay in control of new releases while keeping everyone in the loop. ProdPad automates updates each time a product passes to a new stage of development.

The status of your idea stays synced with your development tool

The status of your idea stays synced with your development tool

Whatever project management tool you use, two-way integrations with ProdPad allow you to sync implementation statuses everywhere. When combined with email notifications, no one has to worry about missing the latest product changes.

Customer feedback loop

It’s not just your team that needs to know when new products and features are delivered. Keeping customers up to date is equally important. Transparency for commercial teams is key to this process – sales, marketing and account management can all follow ProdPad ideas for any upcoming release and plan their own communications effectively. But if you use UserVoice, an integration with ProdPad allows you to automate that feedback loop to let customers know when their suggestions have been taken through to implementation. Capturing contact details alongside user feedback also enables you to more easily get in touch with the right people when their ideas have been actioned.

You can catch up on how ProdPad fits in when sharing ideas across your team, here.

Or to find out more about how ProdPad can help you to integrate product management across your entire organization, sign up for a 14 day free trial

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