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How Proactive Support Got Us To 100% Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Andrea Saez
September 2, 2015

Our users are incredibly important to us, and making sure they’re taken care of and are successful is our number one priority. We recently wrote a blog post about how we reached 100% customer satisfaction (which I am happy to report is still the case!) but being successful isn’t just about having the right tools, it’s about having the right processes and operations in place.

We believe in proactive support, not reactive, which has played a huge role in helping us provide such great services.

Because we love sharing our experiences, here are a few key points.

We watch everything

I know this sounds a little creepy, but we do watch your every move. While we don’t see nor have direct access to your data, we do track every single click and action that happens while you’re logged in. This allows us to monitor your onboarding experience, errors, and the app’s ease of usability. We have a robust API and internal tracking system that allow us to see how you work, and what your main areas of focus are so we can better provide you with the appropriate support.

Dealing with errors

Part of tracking clicks and usage is also monitoring errors. Whenever an error is logged, Papertrail sends us an email immediately letting us know what the error was, what the action was when it happened, and who the affected user is. We are usually able to reach out within a few minutes, check in with you, and provide you with a solution.

Recovering zombie clients

After careful consideration and monitoring, we’ve come up with a (somewhat secret) formula to tell us when clients are starting to slip away. As soon as this happens, we trigger an email their way checking in and asking if there’s anything we can do to help. 80% of the time we’ve been able to recover these zombie clients and re-engage them with the platform.

As a matter of fact, this is one of our most popular emails!

Predictive Analysis

While we are continuing to expand this area, we have already invested in predictive analysis. This allows us to get a more accurate view of what you look like as an active user, independently from another user’s habits. For example, you may only use ProdPad once or twice a week, but use it so effectively that you don’t need to log in anymore throughout the week. Another user may be logging in and doing work more times than you and is logged in for a longer time, and there are a number of factors that may affect their independent usage. We take all of that into consideration and counterbalance that over time – making sure that if your habits change, we are there to make sure you’re ok.

9 to 5 you say?

We don’t believe in 9 to 5. Plain and simple.

Our clients are located all over the world, so it would only make sense for us to provide them support while they’re awake, not whenever it suits us. We give ourselves enough flexibility to both answer your questions and give ourselves a balanced lifestyle. Sure, sometimes we go to yoga at noon, but that’s because our clients are asleep! Taking care of you (and us) is vital to keep this ship running smoothly. (We do sleep, we promise!)

What best practices have helped you provide excellent support? Join the conversation below! If you’d like to check us out, start a free trial today!

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