ProdPad and Pivotal Tracker: Integrating Product Management for Even More Product Teams

June 23, 2014

ProdPad Updates

We’ve been making a lot of noise recently about how ProdPad works with your existing systems and processes, from custom two-way integrations to updates to our out-of-the box integrations list with tools such as Trello and UserVoice.

ProdPad customers using JIRA have benefited from this two-way integration for some time, but we know that many of you use Pivotal Tracker to manage product development, and so we’re happy to say we’ve added it to the bill.

Pivotal Tracker Integration - Field mapping

Pivotal Tracker Integration – Field mapping

This integration means that when you change a story’s status in Pivotal Tracker, we’ll automatically update the related idea status in ProdPad. No more duplication of tasks or important updates lost in transmission.

Pivotal Tracker Integration - Status mapping

Pivotal Tracker Integration – Status mapping

It’s really easy to get set up and start benefiting from the new two-way integration. From the Integrations page, select mapping for Pivotal Tracker and choose which status fields you’d like to sync. These changes will be updated automatically for every other colleague who copied your original integration too.

If you’re a Pivotal Tracker user and would like to find out more about integrating with ProdPad, you can find out more here or get in touch directly with one of the team

Simon Cast is a product expert and Co-founder of ProdPad - building great product management software, and of Mind the Product, a global community of product managers. He has 14 years experience in building products, ranging from satellite control software to online social capital tools, and also spent time in the Australian Army. In 2010, he co-founded ProductCamp London with Janna, and he now organizes ProductTank events and the Mind the Product Conference.


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