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UserVoice + ProdPad = Superior Customer Support

January 27, 2014

3 minute read

uservoice It goes without saying how important it is to listen to your customers.  If you’re collecting ideas from a large group of external users, you should certainly have a look at using UserVoice.

UserVoice is a great tool for gathering ideas from your user base, and uses voting to help sound out which are the most popular ideas.  Combined with a set of tools to communicate  online help directly back to the folks who are asking for various features, it makes for a powerful voice-of-customer tool. 

Combined with ProdPad, it’ll give you a huge advantage in providing awesome customer support while building toward your product vision.

ProdPad lets you outline your product strategy and create visual roadmaps.  It also serves as an idea management and user feedback system for your team to use internally.

The new integration with UserVoice will allow you to take the most popular requests and send them into ProdPad as either a new Idea or a new piece of User Feedback.  These, in turn, can be put on your roadmap, or spec’d out and sent to development, closing the loop between what users want and what you’re actually building.

Setting up the UserVoice integration

 You can set this up by heading to the Integrations & API tab in ProdPad, and then clicking on the UserVoice icon underneath the “Add an Integration” option.

When setting up an integration with UserVoice, you have the choice of having it create new ideas in ProdPad, or logging it as new user feedback (which can then be turned into ideas). You’ll be asked to create a ‘trigger’ on the UserVoice side, either when a new suggestion is made, or (if you plan on curating the suggestions first), when you change the status of a suggestion in UserVoice to something specific that you decide on:

Setting up the UserVoice Integration

Once you’ve created the mapping between UserVoice and ProdPad, you’ll then simply need to plug your API key into UserVoice following our simple instructions, and the integration is set up.

ProdPad also has integrations available for the other tools you use, such as JIRA, Rally, Trello, Pivotal Tracker and more.  Integrations are available for any Plus, Premium or Enterprise account.

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Getting the most out of the UserVoice integration

User Feedback from UserVoice

Connect UserVoice to User Feedback and Ideas in ProdPad

To make the most out of this integration, use UserVoice to provide an end-user portal for gathering ideas and feedback.  When an idea garners enough attention, consider sending it on to ProdPad, where it can be fleshed out in more detail.  In ProdPad, it can be broken down into user stories, associated with specific products or areas on your product roadmap, and included with detailed specifications including mockups and functional specs.

Suggestions from UserVoice can be turned into User Feedback in ProdPad, and then grouped into larger ideas or initiatives that your product development team might want to work on.

On the flip side, you can send these ideas or user stories on to your development team, either individually or via one of our direct integrations with tools such as Pivotal Tracker, Trello, JIRA or others.  As the features gets worked on and updated in your development tool, the status for the original idea in ProdPad will get updated.

Once the idea shows as being released, you’ll know exactly which customers asked for it and when, thanks to the User Feedback integration with UserVoice!

Try the integration today, and let us know what you think in the comments below or directly at

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