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Custom Two-Way Integrations for Product Management, Your Way

June 4, 2014

2 minute read

While we’ve got heaps of best practice to offer product managers, we know that it’s important for you to do things your way. That’s why have developed several tools for you to customize ProdPad to work with your own platforms and processes.

Our open API and custom webhooks means that you can sync ProdPad with the other systems that you use, even if these aren’t included in our extensive list of ready-made integrations.

What are the advantages of syncing ProdPad with other systems?

ProdPad is a home for Product Managers to live and breathe new product ideas. Collaboration is a hugely important part of this process and so the involvement of other colleagues in idea management through ProdPad is key to success. But other teams use their own tools and processes to carry out their daily jobs, and different people need access to different levels of information.

A completely syndicated relationship between ProdPad and your development tools, CRM or support system means data is consistent no matter where you look without forcing changes to people’s workflows.

How do custom integrations work in ProdPad?

Creating custom webhooks allows you to push ideas from ProdPad into third party applications, while the API allows you to automate updates to ProdPad when the status of these ideas change in those third party applications.

Setting up these two components creates an effective two-way integration.

  1. Creating a custom webhook for the URL you’d like to share ideas with will provide you with a custom option under ‘Push idea to…’ on your idea page
  2. Using the statuses endpoint of the ProdPad API, you can create a mechanism to integrate with your 3rd party application
  3. Mapping statuses between ProdPad and your application directly from the ProdPad UI will complete your data sync

You can read more on this process in this How-To Guide.

To find out more about using ProdPad alongside your existing systems, you can get in touch with us here.

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