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How to Incorporate Designers into Product Management

Product Management sits at the intersection of customer, technology and business. The product manager’s role is a continual balancing act between each of these areas, which means involving the right people, in the right ways, at the right times.

In this post, we take you through how to incorporate designers into product management, using good processes and ProdPad tools.

Track design iterations

Visuals are hugely important when it comes to explaining new product ideas, and no more so than when it comes to the product design and development stage. Integrating designers as early as possible into the communication process for new ideas helps to keep your products moving in the right direction. ProdPad allows you to upload mockup files directly to an idea to share with everyone who’s following. And as your designers refine these mockups, wireframes and prototypes over time they can continue to upload files as iterations. This way you have a complete record of how designs have evolved based on new discoveries and team feedback.

product design and development

Track your designs and specs and keep everyone in the loop with the latest revision

Solicit clear, direct feedback

Feedback is an extremely important part of design, but it’s important that it’s structured. ProdPad provides a forum for that discussion, where specific team members can be invited to comment. And these comments can be added directly to different elements of a design file in order to make feedback even clearer. In recording all feedback in written form and in a centralised location, colleagues are encouraged to be constructive and designers can refer back to an entire library of information when looking to their next iterations.

Record every user story

Collaborating effectively on product design and development is integral to ensuring your products are meeting the right user needs. But what about keeping your designers abreast of user requirements before they take to the drawing board?  Good user experience depends on a thorough understanding of customer behaviour that’s grounded in research and evidence – not simply Friday’s opinion. User personas, user stories, and even specific user feedback can all be documented in ProdPad and linked to ideas for designers to do their homework.

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To find out more about working with product design and development using ProdPad, sign up for a 14 day free trial here.

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