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Keep Your Backlog Tidy With Our DotBot

November 1, 2019

3 minute read

Our latest feature has landed, in the shape of a helpful bot. Please welcome DotBot to the ProdPad family.

Meet DotBot

Who is DotBot?

Built with the latest artificial intelligence, our helpful DotBot has been created to maximize efficiency for our users by keeping their product backlog tidy.

What does DotBot do?

DotBot pops up around the app to tell you when ideas and feedback might be connected. Just click on the bot to trigger the slide-out and see the results. You can then review any related ideas or feedback to group them together. Users also have the option to take any content from connected ideas, or to merge duplicates together. If an idea comes up that is irrelevant to what you are currently working on then mark it as unrelated and the slide out will disappear. 

Related content for Ideas

If the feedback presented supports the idea, just select the link icon. The pieces of feedback can be linked to the idea via the button. Like before, you also have the option to dismiss any pieces of unrelated feedback. 

Related content for feedback

Why do I need DotBot in my life?

Users can use DotBot’s intelligence to identify any dependencies based on similar items, perhaps highlight areas to prioritize, and get a better idea of their product’s performance based on similar customer feedback. Essentially, it helps you and your product people keep on top of the more important work, while they keep an eye out for duplicates to merge or dots to connect.

You mentioned duplication?

Let’s be honest, product managers have a lot on their plates. They are simply not going to know every single item stored in their product management software. DotBot can act as a backup, and help you see any unneeded duplicate ideas or pieces of customer feedback – which might have gone under the radar. Our bot is here to help you keep things clean; freeing up your time to focus on things that are more important. 

How does DotBot do all this?

Our bot works using natural language processing and machine learning. This is a function of AI, and part of a series of ongoing developments that you’ll see rolled out across ProdPad in the future.
It applies weights to the content in your account’s ideas and feedback. Through this it gains an understanding of what is relevant before determining significant words in the text from the idea you are currently viewing. Once completed, the DotBot will attempt to discover particular ideas and feedback that are deemed relative to the current idea being viewed.

If you’re ready for a tool to help you keep your backlog tidy, then start a free trial with ProdPod, today.

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