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Introducing Offline Mode

Posted by Andrea Saez
March 11, 2016

Don’t you hate when you were working on something important and all of a sudden you lose your connection? Yeah, we’ve been there, too. This is why our team has been working hard to bring you ‘Offline Mode’ – and it’s finally ready for you in our new beta!

In offline mode you can now keep working on your your roadmap, editing specs, and adding customer feedback without interruption. Your work syncs back to the server as soon as you’re back online.

What offline mode looks like

You’ll be able to identify when you’re online or in offline mode by looking at the status on the browser footer. If offline, the app will continue to attempt a reconnect until it finds a connection again, automatically syncing any work that you’ve done.

prodpad offline mode

What does this mean for you? Now you can be more productive: 

  • going under tunnels
  • in the woods
  • on a majestic mountain
  • outer space
  • on the subway
  • in elevators
  • on your way to MTPCon San Francisco! (That’s what we’ll be doing on that mega-long flight from London!)

Work smart, not hard, folks. 

offline mode high five

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