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Being a Developer at ProdPad is Awesome, Here’s Why!

December 5, 2018

5 minute read

Are you looking to take the next step in your career? Well look no further, we’re looking for wonderful people to join us!

We need you to help us take advantage of all the opportunities for ProdPad the product and for Createshift the company. We’re also looking for new teammates that can bring different experiences and viewpoints to help us build better products.

Being part of the ProdPad team is a bit like being part of a family, we’re a tight knit group of people. With that in mind we’ve asked the dev team to give you a little glimpse into what they’re all about, what it looks like to work here and hopefully tempt you enough to send us your CV!

Our current (awesome) dev team at ProdPad comprises of Simon, Ales, Will, Arran, Tomaz and myself.

We think it is really important to get everyone feeling comfortable to own their work, share their knowledge and constantly challenge themselves and each other to get great work out.

Working at ProdPad gives you the opportunity to work with a really interesting set of technologies and we’re constantly being challenged with interesting problems.
Aleš Blaznik, Back-end Engineer

Whilst most of us are based in our (sometimes sunny) Brighton office, Ales and Tomaz are both based remotely in Slovenia.

I enjoy working for ProdPad. The company is used to having colleges work remotely. I’m one of them and I feel I’m part of the team nevertheless. The company culture is relaxed and supportive. I feel it’s the right blend of progressive dynamic, good communication, good relations and sensible decision making.
Tomaž Štrukelj, Devops

We think it’s important to have face-to-face time and make sure we often either visit Slovenia or fly the guys over to see us. Our yearly company offsite is also a great way to spend time together as a team where we do do hack projects, treasure hunts, cook-offs and of course some occasional pool games!

We have a great working from home policy which means if we need to focus (and cuddle our pets) we can. As we can’t see each other in person every day, we try to make sure that our dev calls and company calls are done via webcam, because we actually like to see each others faces 🙂

As well as an awesome team, you’ll often find us at all sorts of conferences like VueJS, FFconf, UX Brighton and more. If there’s a particular conference or training course you’re keen to go to, you can with the support of the company which is a great way to improve skills, get inspired and generally meet other devs.

Working at ProdPad gives me the opportunity to find out where I excel and where I can improve as a developer. The team are also all amazing at what they do – I find myself being inspired by everyone in the team – not just by the other developers.
Arran Gravestock, Junior Front-end Developer

Will has also recently introduced a company-wide Friday knowledge sharing session where anyone can individually talk and share something that may help or inspire others. Basically, we’re always keen to learn and improve ourselves!

We also play something called the product tree game together as a company. This is an awesome way to get everyone on the same page, share our ideas and help shape where the product is going.

As well as the people, we have a pretty interesting technology stack. ProdPad is built with VueJS, Symfony 3, NodeJS and a combination of an event driven architecture with a services-based architecture. These are supported by applications like Eventstore, Elasticsearch, Redis and Docker. We combine both manual QA (by Sam our dedicated QA & Support person) and automated testing with an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline which includes automated code analysis.

The infrastructure is very powerful and advanced, meaning there’s lots of potential to create cool functionality. We set our own deadlines which is such a luxury in this industry plus the fact we all get to input into what work we should be doing. There’s always an opportunity to suggest and research new technologies and ways of doing things and your ideas are heard.
Will Newmarch, JavaScript Developer

If I could sum up why I love working at ProdPad, in addition to all of the above, I would say it’s a combination of our motivating deployment cadence (twice a week!) and the feeling that I’m directly improving the product. We have a huge Slack community of users that beta test and give us really valuable feedback which helps us help them.

There’s much more we could tell you about the team, but we’ll save that for when we have a coffee.
Want to join our team?

* Fondness of Fisherman’s friends is a bonus but not required.

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