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Meet the Team: Danielle Vautier

March 26, 2018

2 minute read

In this month’s meet the team, we’re introducing Danielle Vautier! She’s the UX Developer here at ProdPad, You might have met her at MTP or seen her take the stage at ProductTank.

Since joining, Danielle regularly bakes delicious treats for the team, has worked hard on rebuilding our app, beautifying our website (isn’t it lovely) and has a whole wealth of CSS wizardry up her sleeves!

Without further ado! Let’s hand this over to Danielle!

Danielle Vautier

Explain what you do

As a UX Developer at ProdPad I work on a range of things including ProdPad’s UI, our marketing site and rapid prototypes for user testing. I work closely with the whole team to provide an awesome product experience.

What did you do before ProdPad?

I worked for a web agency on a mix of SaaS products and e-commerce sites for over five years. I then had a short stint as a freelancer before joining the ProdPad family.

What makes you excited to work at ProdPad?

Our customers. We talk directly with our users and I’m always excited about releasing something that I know will make a big improvement for someone. (Oh we also get to do product releases twice a week !)

Favourite productivity app

Spotify because music makes everything more productive!

Favourite time-wasting app

Definitely Pinterest

Most famous person you’ve ever met

The Queen (Not really, but I’m hoping one day…)

Favourite thing about working remotely

Wearing pyjamas all day whilst my cats sleep on my lap <3

Puppies or kittens?

Kittens (or kittens covered in puppies)

Any hobbies?

I love to bake, draw and eat curry (or any food really). I’ve run three half-marathons but I’m definitely not doing a fourth…

Fun fact about you

I often talk or sing (badly) to myself and have a broad taste in music from Slipknot to Disney. I’m good at getting songs stuck in people’s head (especially made up Christmas ones) and I also make a good plaited beard from my hair.

"And my axe!"

My, what lovely hair you have…

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