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Big redesign now live!

Posted by Janna Bastow
February 4, 2013

Last week, we alluded to some upcoming big changes.

Today, we’re happy to tell the world that the new ProdPad is live!

Whole new look and feel

interface snippet

The first thing you’ll see when you enter is a brand new, sleek look. We wanted something that would take advantage of your massive screen space, yet also respond when you took ProdPad on the go with your netbook.

Need a little more space? Collapse the menu and free some up. Want to try a different theme? Go ahead and customise how ProdPad looks to you.

It’s a brand new design we’re using, based on the beautifully responsive Bootstrap from Twitter, and sets the stage for improvements that’ll make ProdPad just as awesome on your tablet and smartphone.

Faster and slicker

As you’re clicking around, checking out the new look, you might just notice something else: ProdPad is now faster, thanks to some performance tuning.

You won’t get hung up waiting for your roadmap to show or your ideas to get plugged in.

Notice something else? Yep, parts of the page are updating as you sit and stare: If there’s new activity or a new notification, you don’t need to refresh to find out. It’s subtle yet surprisingly helpful, we find.

Roadmaps for each of your products

Multiple roadmaps interface in ProdPad

Manage multiple roadmaps in ProdPad

You’ve got more than one product, and a number of product roadmaps to match. And now ProdPad can match you in that.

Multiple roadmaps are now available, one for each of your products. With our Plus plan, you can manage 3 products at a time; With Premium, you’ll get 10; And if you’ve got a particularly large product portfolio, the Enterprise package lets you manage as many products and product roadmaps as you need, at the same time.

Strategic and tactical, all in one screen

ProdPad Product Roadmap Tool

Manage a product pipeline within the roadmap

Day-to-day, your role as a Product Manager requires you to look at the tiny details as well as the grand scheme, all at the same time.

Our Roadmaps, with built in pipeline details, allow you to add details to each roadmap card, outlining which ideas or user stories will need to be considered for each larger chunk of work.

While we start you off with Current, Near term, and Future columns, (as we believe in roadmapping without dates), you can edit these and any of the cards within each column to make the roadmap your own.

Capture full user personas

User Persona page in ProdPad

Profile Full User Personas

We’ve added some handy fields to help you capture a more complete profile of your user personas. We’ve included additional spots to capture your notes on their behaviors, their goals, and their frustrations and limitations.

You can then attribute ideas to various personas, allowing you to get a view of what opportunities you have to please each of your users.

Easier editing

Editable field in ProdPad

Editable field in ProdPad – Just double-click to edit!

Throughout ProdPad, we’ve made it painless to edit your ideas, products and roadmaps, and user personas. Double-click the field and start typing (or alternatively, you can still click the same Edit button you’ve always been accustomed to).

Your product management tools should never slow you down. These latest updates, we hope we can help you and your team launch forward with your product.

As always, we love your feedback. Get in touch at, where we’re more than happy to chat or set up a demo.

Happy building!

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February 4, 2013 5:14 pm

congrats! these are great updates!! i’ve always believed good products help their users do a better job, so i especially like how you guys think about the sort of product planning approach and behavior you’re encouraging by designing features one way or another. keep up the amazing work!

Simon Cast
February 4, 2013 5:34 pm
Reply to  selena

Thanks! It helps to use ProdPad to build ProdPad and we are also getting great feedback from our users about what the need to be more productive and effective.