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A Journey Through Time: The History of ProdPad

From inventing the Now/Next/Later Roadmap to bringing you Dotbot, the first AI helper for product people, ProdPad has been at the forefront of discovering and releasing the most useful features every step of the way.

ProdPad was originally built by co-founders and product people, Janna Bastow and Simon Cast, as a way to solve their own product management problems. As you can see, it’s evolved over time to constantly adapt to the changing needs of the market, always based on the insights garnered from working with the 1000s of people who have used ProdPad over the years.

So take a look back to see when we made it possible to save everything you add, as you add it. Or when we activated the ability to work offline. This timeline shows how ProdPad has adapted and grown over time to serve the needs of the product space, highlighting many of its favorite upgrades along the way.

Scroll down to discover where your favorite feature came in, and tweet us to let us know which one it is!

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