Team Collaboration

Open up your products’ evolution to your entire team

ProdPad offers a dynamic environment to communicate on ideas and developments. Every stage of the product journey is made visible and accessible to every part of your business for more effective collaboration on developing the products customers want.

Everyone can use ProdPad to interact with product ideas and roadmaps in the way that suits them

  • Email dropbox and Google Chrome integration for sharing ideas
  • @mention colleagues and follow relevant ideas
  • Upload files and mockups for feedback and comment directly on any section
  • Threaded comments for discussions on ideas, personas, products and mockups
  • Weekly and daily email digests

Retain control of product management

Your future product direction should open to everyone, but ProdPad’s toolkit helps Product Managers to keep vast information in order and control what goes into development

  • Manage custom permissions to give appropriate access to every team member
  • Choose when to roadmap popular ideas and push product specs to other systems
  • Activity feed and logged versions to track changes to ideas

Streamline different systems and product information

ProdPad integrates with the tools your other team members use so that everyone can support product management without disrupting their own workflows

  • Integrations with user feedback and product development systems
  • Unified product documentation
  • Top level overviews for stakeholders

Your team can be such a huge source of product innovation. Getting their input on what goes into your product is crucial to your success. ProdPad gives your team the tools they need to capture their feedback, keep it somewhere they can refer back to, and collaborate on.

Screenshot of the activity feed in ProdPad

Team Collaboration in ProdPad

Everyone on your team has something to add. Get your team involved by inviting them to collaborate on ProdPad, and give them the transparency into your product process that they crave.

Invitations and Team Roles

Your product benefits the most when you’ve got all the right people on your team pitching in. ProdPad gives you the ability to invite your entire company in, where they can pitch ideas, add thoughts to others’ ideas, and see where previous feature requests have ended up.

You can give your colleagues as much or as little access as you like: Anything from being able to view and edit any idea, product, or persona, to just being able to pitch ideas and edit their own.

How-to Guide: Invite your colleagues and manage permissions

Activity Feed

See the latest activity as soon as you log in, with the ‘Latest Activity’ directly on your dashboard. This feed will tell you everything you need to know about what’s been happening in your account:

  • New users who join
  • New ideas that have been created or edited
  • New comments or discussions that you can jump in on
  • Mockups and files
  • New products
  • New user personas
Screeenshot of the Daily Digest Email from ProdPad

Daily Digest Email from ProdPad

Daily and Weekly Email Digests

Did you miss a day?

ProdPad keeps you in the loop by sending you a digest of what’s been happening in your ProdPad account that day. You can also opt to get the digest email on a weekly basis, or not at all.

Each of your colleagues can choose how often they get their digest.

How-to Guide: Managing email digests and notifications

Commenting and Discussions

ProdPad gives your team the dedicated space to have dicussions around your product, allowing for threaded comments on:

  • Ideas
  • Products
  • User Personas
  • Mockups

Find out more about building best practice Specifications, or read our Team Collaboration how-to guide for more on ProdPad features.

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