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Build and communicate your product plans using our powerful product roadmapping tools.

Snap a powerful product roadmap together in minutes

The perfect product roadmap template for agile product teams.ProdPad’s theme-based roadmap helps you communicate product goals and objectives, with a problem statement and gives teams space to explore the best solution possible.

Publish online and to PDF
Color-coded product objectives
Drag & drop roadmap cards

Drag & drop themes onto your roadmap

Each roadmap card represents a theme or a problem areas you want to prioritize. With our visual drag & drop editor, you can build your big picture strategy into a beautiful color-coded product roadmap in just minutes.

Reach into your product backlog for ideas

Pick out the best ideas from your product backlog to attach to each theme. Instead of looking for features to build, you can focus on crafting the most effective solution for each theme.

Change your priorities when you need to

Theme-based roadmapping is built to weather change. When you need to change course, simply push your roadmap cards around to reflect your updated plans.

Seriously collaborative product roadmapping for your entire company

Assign product specs to the right people

Everyone’s an expert at something, so bring in colleagues from across the company to help you write product specs. You can assign product specs to the best person for the job and add other team members as collaborators.

Pull in direct customer feedback

You can link customer feedback in ProdPad to any product idea. This means you can easily refer to what your customers have asked for as you build out product specs.

Quickly spot the ideas people really want

Our priority chart helps you visualize your product backlog on an impact vs. effort matrix. The chart is a display of inputs from you and your team, so you can filter down to ideas that your team really wants (i.e. most votes), what your customers really want (i.e. customer desire).

Easily share and present your product roadmap

Control who sees what on your product roadmap

Create versions that hide sensitive information Hide sensitive information and details to customers and investors. Present your roadmap as a shareable or embeddable URL, or simply turn it into a printable PDF.

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