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Lean into Product-Market Fit for 2022

Here’s our top resources to reduce waste in your work, revitalize your roadmap, create better product habits, and champion the new year. 

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Avoid becoming a feature factory with Workflows

Simplify your backlog by breaking ideas down into three phases: discovery, delivery, and launch with Idea Workflows. You can give your stakeholders a window into development, create true transparency for a better customer experience and turn ideas into action with this feature.

integrate with your current product management tools
Time on a Lean Roadmap

How Do I Show Time on a Lean Roadmap?

The world now agrees that timeline roadmaps aren’t a great idea. The format of a roadmap having a timeline at the top that always marches forward forces you to assign dates to everything…

Rethink the Refactor: It’s Your Chance to Get Lean

Have you ever considered how an upcoming rebuild could kick your company into a leaner gear? A refactor project can be an opportunity to rethink past assumptions…

Fix your prioritization problems with a lean roadmap

Have you ever thought about how the implicit assumptions you make in a timeline roadmap could impede your prioritization of the real problems that need to be solved?

Jeff Patton webinar

Embracing Lean Product Development

Guest, Jeff Patton, Veteran Product Manager, Agile, Lean, UX, Product Design Expert, and Janna Bastow talk about creating and measuring value in lean product development…

Become 10x more productive by automating the grunt work with DotBot

DotBot AI keeps your backlog orderly, turns feedback into actionable insights, and is ready to answer your questions (as it knows even more about your customers than you). Cut your backlog in half and uncover new opportunities and end duplicates and triages for good with the handiest AI Assistance Bot.

Ask DotBot

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