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ProdPad gives you the tools to build products wherever you are in the world

Welcome to ProdPad’s virtual event booth.

ProdPad Virtual Booth

Your journey to better product management starts with ProdPad

ProdPad empowers you to build products wherever you are in the world. We help teams make the best product decisions by giving them tools to understand and prioritize the right problems to solve, using lean roadmaps, transparent backlog management and customer feedback insights.

It’s the only tool that fits with modern product management practices, and is used by 1000s of product people around the world to ensure they’re solving the right problems and never wasting their valuable time. Talk to our team of product experts or start a free trial to see for yourself:

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Chat with our product experts on a ProdPad demo

Whether you want to learn about ProdPad or get some valuable advice and guidance for your own roadmap, book yourself in for a session and let’s go from there. Our product experts love talking about their craft and are here to help the community in any way they can.

  • Janna Bastow
  • Andrea Saez
  • Liz Love
  • Emma Hill
  • Wes Galliher

Check out these handy resources

Look on the bright side, you don’t need to stuff your bag full of flyers and leaflets.

Learn how to build a product roadmap everyone understands

Get the Handy Guide for Product People

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Try out ProdPad in our sandbox

Our pre-loaded setup lets you see ProdPad in action. Explore it at your own pace without having to add any data. Go on, have a go.

ProdPad Sandbox

Let’s talk about ProdPad’s features


Plan your strategy

Release the power of the lean roadmap, defining and sharing what’s important to your business.

Priority Chart

Surface key ideas

Capture, organize and share the ideas and initiatives that will drive your product forward.

Customer Feedback

Delight customers

Understand your customers’ desires, solve their problems and keep them in the loop on new solutions.

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