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Bulk editing and new filters

December 10, 2012

2 minute read

Bulk editing
Add tags, products, user personas, or archive and delete ideas in bulk.

As your product backlog grows and grows (as these things have a habit of doing…), we’re providing you with more tools to help manage it.

You can now prune and manage your backlog using the new Bulk Edit functionality we released today.

With this tool, you can edit any number of your ideas all at the same time, allowing you to:

  • Add a tag to the ideas
  • Associate a product to the ideas
  • Associate a user persona to the ideas
  • Change the status of the ideas to Archived
  • Delete the ideas – Tip: this will come in handy if you need to redo your Product Backlog Import!

User Personas
Filtering ideas by tags, products, and user personas

We’ve also just added Products and User Personas in the mix of things you can filter your ideas by, giving you even better access to surfacing just the ideas you were looking for.

In your ideas list, you can mix and match filters, allowing you to filter by a specific product AND a specific tag at the same time.

Your results will be refreshed in the results to the right-hand side.

Always watching a particular tag, persona or product? Once you’ve filtered the results, bookmark the page you’re on, and it’ll save the filter for you to jump back to at a later time.

As we continue to develop ProdPad, we’ll certainly be adding more filtering options. Got one in particular that would be helpful? Get in touch at to let us know what!

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