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Power up your Data with User Persona Segmentation

December 14, 2018

2 minute read

User persona segmentation turns customer insights into tangible tools to improve the way you solve problems. It is universally true for both B2B and B2C companies that you are building your product for a specific consumer group, or a group of consumer groups.

Fully understanding your target market user personas means you can design everything from onboarding, new features and how to expand your market share.

Pretty important stuff right?

To help you uncover the power of your data, ProdPad offers you segmentation and filtering by user persona.

Here’s how it works

1. Create your personas

Personas are fictional representations of your users that help your team to understand who they’re building for.

Building user personas allows you to do product management grounded in user needs, without getting bogged down in the detail of specific customers and all their anomalies. A great user persona is realistic, easy to visualize, and tied into your day-to-day decisions and processes.

When creating a persona in ProdPad, you will find a template you can use to add some key information, such as Description, Behaviors, Goals, and Frustrations & Limitations. These help you create a comprehensive outline of the user.

You can also add an image, give your persona a name, and add any additional files which may help with scoping out the user in more detail.

Larry Landlord - User persona

2. Segmenting your data by persona type

As you add items to ProdPad, you will have the option to link that item to a persona. Whether it is an idea, a piece of feedback or a contact – you can create the relationship between your data and your user segments.

Segmenting your data by persona type

3. Filter by persona type

Once you have attributed the items to a particular persona, you can use the filtering options to help you sift through your data. Powerful filtering combined with our priority chart means you can focus on building the right stuff for the right users.

Filter by persona type

4. Bonus: Saved filters for continuous monitoring

To easily keep track of changing trends, you can create a saved filter for quick access and continuous monitoring of your personas. Saved filters can be made up of a combination of products, tags, personas and even whether an item is on the roadmap or not.

Presto, magic!

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